Alisa Atkinson McDonald, CEO, MBA, PMP, Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Alisa is a former senior Fortune 100 executive who ultimately tapped into her true passion as a transformational consultant helping others to unleash their greatest potential to achieve their success. As CEO & Principal Consultant of Renew Your Perspective LLC, she helps emerging leaders and organizations activate their goals and strategic priorities to create breakthroughs in 90 days or less.

As Founder & Principal Consultant, Alisa:

  • Guides and coaches others to navigate difficult leadership challenges in tough environments.  
  • Provides strategic certified coaching resulting in improved individual leadership and overall team performance.
  • Delivers and conducts transformational leadership programs that create collaborative workgroups.


Bianca Capo, CDP, ChFC, Management Consultant, Trainer, Coach

Bianca is a USAF Veteran with over 27 years of consulting, advising, and coaching thousands of individuals and organizational leaders. 

  • She is a Strengths-based Leadership and Executive Coach, Diversity Professional, Trainer, Facilitator, and Speaker.
  • Her personal strength is to inform, equip, and activate others to actualize personal and collective potential with measurable results. 
  • She specializes in providing the tools, framework, and facilitating the development of an Integrated Whole-self LeaderTM, interdependent inclusive teams, and companywide strengths-based cultures that improve retention, trust, and collaboration. 


Angela H. Woods, MBA, JD, Management Consultant

Angela is a dynamic CEO and community leader with JD and MBA. She has deep leadership experience in the nonprofit sector and financial services industry. Angela is often requested as an engaging public speaker, panelist and an advocate for women and girls in STEM. 

Her strengths include: 

  • Building and leveraging partnerships, design thinking, recruiting talent, developing social responsibility (CSR) strategies, legal & risk management, fundraising and customer engagement. 
  • Setting strategic vision, resource development,  operational leadership and diversity and inclusion.